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Moving abroad and leaving your loved ones on opposite coast is not easy. One of the objectives of Canadian government is to see that families are reunited in Canada.  Spousal sponsorship program is the most demanded stream under family class immigration. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)strongly supports family reunification, thus spousal sponsorship application processing is given the highest priority at Canadian Visa Offices. Processing time was recently reduced from 26 to 12 months for 80% of applications for both in-Canada and outside of Canada cases.

The spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner looking to immigrate to Canada under spousal sponsorship category must be sponsored by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. If you applied to sponsor spouse outside Canada, once decision is made and sponsorship application is approved, Canadian immigration authorities will issue the applicant Canada Spouse Visa (a confirmation of permanent residence).

Applicant (person being sponsored) will become permanent resident upon landing in Canada, and must enter Canada before the expiry date, which appears on temporary visa.

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If you are looking to apply for spousal sponsorship inside Canada, application is being processed first and once approved, applicant’s status will change from temporary to permanent. Spousal sponsorship within Canada gives an opportunity to person being sponsored and living in Canada to apply for an Open-Work Permit.

Our Canadian immigration services include different options where you can choose between Full Representation, Final Review and Do-It-Yourself packages. If you have any questions, you can book free immigration consultation (In-Office / Online / Phone) to speak with immigration consultant in Nova Scotia.

While spousal sponsorship might not be an option for you at this time, you may also consider temporary residence program such visitor visa

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Complete all forms and prepare all supporting documents required for your situation. Application package may differ based on applicant’s country of residence, as well as documents issued by other countries. If you’re applying under the Spouse or Common-Law Partner in Canada class, your spouse or partner may be also eligible to apply for an Open Work Permit.


At this point processing starts. IRCC will not send an acknowledgement of receipt until they have opened your application and checked that it is complete. As you go through the process, you may receive requests for additional documents. Make sure to check your online account and email for updates.


IRCC will provide deadline and instructions on how to get medical exam done. You must go for your medical exam within 30 days of receiving these instructions. If you do not follow these instructions, IRCC may refuse your application. If there is a problem with your medical exam, IRCC will contact you to advise.


IRCC will finish processing your application after they have received all the necessary information. Once approved, applicant will receive confirmation of permanent residence. If officer is satisfied that you meet the requirements to enter Canada, you will be allowed to enter Canada as a permanent resident.

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